Player Information


Season Summary:

Coaches will receive their rosters the second week of March
Practices Begin as early as the week of March 17th (or the week after Spring Break)
Jamboree:                   Saturday, April 4th

Last Game:                Saturday, May 16th





All AYSO Players are expected to promote the AYSO Six Philosophies:


Everyone Plays®


Balanced Teams


Open Registration


Positive Coaching


Good Sportsmanship


Player Development




Player Information: 


• Soccer cleats – unlike football and baseball cleats, soccer cleats DON’T have a nub at the front


• Shin guards


• No jewelry


• Soccer ball size varies by age (see specific AYSO   Division for appropriate ball size)


• Soccer gear and equipment is available at:




• Big 5


• Dick’s Sporting Goods


• Sports Authority


and similar stores