Training Game: Beat the Twins (U10)

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Beat The Twins

Skill: Multiple

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 Team

Equipment: 12 or more cones to mark a grid and one goal (a full size goal would be great but not necessary), a set of pennies and three or four soccer balls.

Grid Requirement: A 35 X 35 yard grid centered on a goal.

Organization: Using cones layout a 35 X 35 yard grid centered on a goal. Divide the team into groups of 4. Place a Keeper in the goal (rotate the keeper with field players).

How The Game Is Played: This is a simple game of 4 v 2. The twist to the game is in the 2 players that defend. The coach will decide which team will first have the ball. Two players from another group will defend. The defenders must hold hands while they are defending. The team in possession must attempt to score past the two linked defenders. If the defenders win the ball they break apart and will be joined by the two remaining team mates and the team that lost possession defends (two players link hands and two players leave the grid). Award 1 point for a goal first team to gain 5 points wins.

Training Game: Beat the Twins (U10)

Deviations: Play one touch. Allow no more than three touches when players are dribbling. Allow the team in possession to go to goal after 5 consecutive passes has been completed.

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