Training Game: Cone Run 10 Yards

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Cone Run 10 Yards (very good warm-up activity)

Skill: Passing/Dribbling

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 Team

Equipment: 12 cones to mark three grids and 8 or so soccer balls.

Grid Requirement: Set up (three) 10 X 10 yard grids.

Organization: Using cones layout a 10 X 10 yard. Divide the team into pairs. Place one player from the pair on the top of the grid with a soccer ball and the other player on the opposite end of the grid.

How The Game Is Played: Player 1 passes to player 2. Player 1 runs around one of the cones. Player 2 passes the ball back to player 1. Player 1 dribbles around the opposite cone and returns to the center of the grid. Player 1 passes to player 2 and the activity now starts from the opposite end.

Training Game: Cone Run 10 Yards


Variations: Play one touch. Instead of player 1 hitting the last ball to player 2 have the two players complete a takeover to exchange places for the activity starting point.

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