Training Game: Cone Run Shooting

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Cone Run Shooting

Skill: Shooting

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 Team

Equipment: 8 or more cones to mark a grid, 10 or so soccer balls and some type of goal (full size is fine).

Grid Requirement: A 20 X 20 yard grid or use a Penalty Area

Organization: Using cones layout a 20 X 20 yard grid or play within the penalty area. Place two cones about 5 yards apart five yards from the top of the grid. Place one player on the first cone and the remaining players five yards outside the grid each with a ball at their feet. Put a goalkeeper in the goal.

How The Game Is Played: The player standing by the first cone runs around the cones, as the player approaches the fist cone the first player in line passes the ball to the player who must hit a first time shot on goal. The keeper tries to make a save. Simple rotation, shooter becomes the keeper; passer becomes the shooter and keeper retrieves a ball goes to the end of the passing line. First player with three goals wins.

Training Game: Cone Run Shooting


Variations: Allow no more than 2 or three touches before player must shoot. Have players use both feet to shoot. Change location of players delivering the pass.

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