Training Game: Dribbling Center Turn Left/ Right

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Dribbling Center Turn Left/Right

Skill: Dribbling Warm-Up

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 team

Equipment: 5 cones to mark the grid, 1 soccer ball per group

Grid Requirement: 15 X 15 yard grid

Organization: Create a 15 X 15 yard grid marked with cones. Place a cone in the center of the grid. Divide the team into pairs and place a pair of players centered on each end line with one soccer ball per group at their feet.

How The Game Is Played: The coach will yell, “go”. Each player from the head of the line will dribble as fast as they can toward the center cone, staying under control the player executes a tight right turn as close to the center cone as possible and dribbles to the grid line and leaves the ball for the next player in line. Game is over when the players have returned to their starting point.

Training Game: Dribbling Center Turn Left/ Right


Variations: Players can only use outside of left or right foot. Have the players cut left.

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