Training Game: Fast Shooting

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Fast Shooting

Skill: Shooting

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 Team

Equipment: 12 or more cones to mark a grid, one goal (full size goal is great) no net. Four or five soccer balls.

Grid Requirement: A 15 X 20 yard grid

Organization: Using cones layout a 15 X 20 yard grid with a goal of some type centered in the grid. Divide the group into teams of three.

How The Game Is Played: Place 1 shooter with a soccer ball at each end of the grid and a keeper in the goal. Shooters alternately try to score on the keeper one at a time. If the keeper makes a save he becomes a shooter and the player that didn’t score becomes the keeper. The first player to score 5 goals wins.

Variations: None

Download the game PDF