Training Game: Free for All

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Free For All

Skill: Shooting, Dribbling, Attacking and Defending

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 Team

Equipment: 12 or more cones to mark a grid, a goal (a full size goal is great but cones can also be used) and 5 or 6 soccer balls.

Grid Requirement: A 30 X 30 yard grid

Organization: Using cones, layout a 30 X 30 yard grid with a goal centered on the end line. Place three players in the grid and a goalkeeper in the goal. The coach should be located just outside of the grid with several soccer balls at her feet.

How The Game Is Played: The coach will play a ball into the grid to no particular player. The three players will compete for the ball. The player who gains possession is on the attack and the remaining players defend while trying to gain possession so that they may go to goal. When a goal is scored the player who scored will determine which player plays in goal. The coach restarts game after all goals or if the ball goes out of play.

Training Game: Free for All

Variations: Increase or decrease the size of the grid. Change the number of players in the grid.

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