Training Game: Hate to be a Defender

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Hate To Be A Defender

Skill: Passing

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 Team

Equipment: 12 or more cones to mark the grid (circle) and at least one soccer ball.

Grid Requirement: A circle 10 to 15 yards in diameter (center circle of a full field works well).

Organization: Using cones layout a circle 10 to 15 yards in diameter. Position a defender within the circle and all other players on the perimeter of the circle.

How The Game Is Played: Perimeter players try to keep possession of the ball from the defender by passing to any other perimeter player. If the ball goes out of play or is intercepted the player who made the last pass becomes the defender.

Training Game: Hate to be a Defender

Variations: Change the size of the circle as needed. Do not allow perimeter players to move along the perimeter. Perimeter players can only one touch. Add an additional defender.


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