Training Game: Junk Yard Dog

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Junk Yard Dog

Skill: Attacking and Defending

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 Team

Equipment: 24 or more cones to mark 3 or 4 grids and 30 or so soccer balls.

Grid Requirement: A 30 X 15 yard grid

Organization: Using cones layout three or four 30 X 15 yard grids with an imaginary line centered in the grid (use cones to mark the line). Position one player on the top of the grid and one player at the bottom of the grid each with a soccer ball (attackers). Position one player at the center point of the grid (defender).

How The Game Is Played: One at a time the attackers try to dribble over the middle line without losing the ball to the defender. If the defender wins the ball the player who lost the ball becomes the defender. One point is award for crossing the centerline. Game must always start from the top or the bottom of the grid. First player with four points wins.

Training Game: Junk Yard Dog


Variations: Increase or decrease the size of the grid. Establish a time limit for each challenge.

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