Training Game Teammates 2v2

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Teammates 2v2

Skill: Dribbling, Passing, Attacking and Defending

Number Of Players Required: Full U-10 team

Equipment: 8 or more cones to mark the grid, 2 or 3 soccer balls.

Grid Requirement: 15 X 20 yard grid

Organization: Create a 15 X 20 yard grid marked with cones. Create a goal with cones on the center point of each end line. Group players into pairs; place one pair of players on each goal line. Players can start from any point on the end line. Place a soccer ball at the mid point of the grid.

How The Game Is Played: The coach will yell, “go”. Players from each end attempt to be the first pair to the ball. First pair to the ball is on the attack and the second pair defends. Attackers try to beat the defender by dribbling or passing (playing 2v2) the ball through their goal. If the defenders gain possession they go on the attack. Play is stopped when a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play. A point is scored every time a ball that is played through the goal. First team with 3 points wins.

Training Game Teammates 2v2

Variations: Coach can play the ball to the center of the grid. Play one touch, or two touches only. Allow goals to only be scored if dribbled through the goal.

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