1. Register to coach
    • Within our registration program, you have the opportunity to volunteer to coach
      • Choose: My Account
      • Choose: Volunteer
    • Enter the necessary information for us to conduct a background check
  2. Once you’re background check is cleared you will have access to AYSO U: AYSO University Training for Volunteers
    • Safe Haven Courses
      • AYSO’s Safe Haven (30 minutes)
      • CDC Heads Up – Concussion Training (30 minutes)
      • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Online Course (15 minutes)
      • Safe Sports (90 minutes, subsequent recertification takes 30 minutes)
    • Coach Courses (1 hour)
      • Find the course that meets the level you will be coaching
      • Springfield AYSO does not adhere to all of AYSO National Programs.  See the “Coach’s Guide” below to learn what we’ve changed to make it better
  3. Adhere to our Air Quality Guidelines as well as cancel practices when there is inclement weather in the forecast.

For more information in regards to coaching, please visit AYSO Volunteer resources: