Official Description: Coach and Train a team of kids in one of many divisions at Springfield AYSO, and host two practice sessions leading up to coaching one or more games during a season that typically lasts seven or eight weeks.

The AYSO Coach Pledge:

In my words and action, I pledge to:

1. Enthusiastically support and practice the AYSO Philosophies of: Everyone Plays, Open Registration, Balanced Teams,

2. Positive Coaching and Good Sportsmanship.

3. Stay informed about sound principles of coaching and child


4. Respect the game and know the Laws.

5. Emphasize to my players that they must abide by the Laws of the

Game at all times.

6. Develop a true respect for the judgment of all referees.

7. Develop a team respect for the ability of our opponents.

8. Ensure a safe environment for my players.

9. Never yell at or ridicule a player.

10. Always set a good example.

11. Remember that soccer is a game and all games should be fun