6th & 7th Grade U13

Under 13 Years Old

  • 11 vs 11 players
  • Ball size 4
  • Games are two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime break
  • Goal keepers (may use their hands)
  • Heading and slide tackles are permitted
  • Offsides is called
  • All players must wear shin-guards and soccer cleats. Socks need to be worn over shin-guards, not under.
  • All player should bring a soccer ball to practice (with their name on it in several places)
  • Practices are generally 2-3 times per week at your closest elementary/middle school
  • Volunteer Coaches determine practice locations and times
  • Home games are in Springfield. Away games are played at Albany, Lebanon, Corvallis, Salem, Newport, Florence and others. Please visit the Mid Valley Interplay page to see the list of away locations. Every effort will be made to keep games as close to home as possible but travel is required for this division https://www.ayso2s.org