Becoming a Volunteer

AYSO's Six Philosophies:

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• Balanced Teams

• Open Registration

• Positive Coaching

• Good Sportsmanship

• Player Development

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AYSO volunteer.  Below is a checklist on becoming a volunteer.  As you can imagine, with an organization as large as AYSO, the potential for safety issues involving children and adults is taken very seriously.  For the average parent that wants to be a volunteer, preparing to complete the registration process is the most difficult part.  For this reason, we’ve created a checklist to make registration easier.


You will need the following information available to you to complete the registration form:


  • Driver’s license
  • References (one personal and one professional)
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone


Register as a Volunteer:

    1. Choose the last box: “I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer”
    2. Choose: “I want to do my part as an AYSO volunteer”
    3. Fill out Name and Phone number
    4. Login Email:  __________________
    5. Password:     __________________
    6. Security question
    7. Zipcode:
    8. Choose “Region 93: Springfield”
    9. Personal Information
    10. Volunteer Jobs
      1. Under “Jobs NOT child specific”, choose a role
    11. Agreement
      1. Check all of the agreements
      2. Sign and date
    12. Regional information
      1. Sign and return your completed form to:
        1. AYSO
        2. P.O.BOX 1474
        3. Springfield, Or. 97478
      2. Or email to:
        • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      3. Or personally deliver your form to an AYSO Board Member
    13. Print Applications
      • Under #3, click on your name to print the form and to get your Volunteer ID#
      • You will need your Volunteer ID# to become certified in specific roles.


Once you have completed your registration process, there are a number of on-line course available to you that will certify you for various AYSO roles.


Online Training Courses are available at:


Preparation checklist:

You will need your AYSO ID#

You will be taking quizzes throughout the course followed by a test at the end


Annually by all volunteers:

Safe Haven – to be completed annually by all volunteers


Role Specific Courses:

Referee Training

Coach Training

Management Training